Lund Books Lund Theological Books. Second hand bookseller of Cambridge. The shop produces an online catalogue updated every Saturday. A large selection of good books.
1 Arbury Road,
Cambridge, CB4 2JB Tel: 01223 565206 / 565303 Fax: 0870 056 7276 email:


CROMFORD (Debyshire)
Scarthin Books A rambling fascinating bookshop with all sorts of goodies hidden away. Up at the top there is a room with a considerable amount of good philosophy in it and a cafe! The website doesn't reveal much. But it is worth a visit if you are stocking up for A'level.
Scarthin Books
The Promenade,
Derbyshire DE4 3QF
Tel: 01629 823272 Fax: 01629 825094 email:



Pendleburys Bookshop
Pendleburys Bookshop
Church House
Portland Avenue
London, N16 6HJ
Tel: 020 8809 4922
This is a massive second-hand theological bookshop, with online search and purchasing facilities. Their selection of titles is vast. Don't miss the great yarn about the Book Thieves Curse on the "About us" page.


St Denys' Bookshop Manchester
11 Oak Street,
Manchester M4 5JD Tel: 0161 835 1069 Fax: 0161 839 7661 email:


Kyrios Books Specialising in Christian, Theological & Philosophical Books. They do produce a booklist six times a year showing part of their stock.
11, Kingsway
Nottingham NG17 7BB Tel: 01623 452556 email:


Thornton's Bookshop Online index and catalogue of their books.
Thornton's Bookshop
The Old Barn, Walnut Court,
Faringdon SN7 7JH.
Tel: 01367 240056 Fax: 01367 241544 email

Unsworth Booksellers Ltd
15 Turl Street
Oxfordshire OX1 3DQ
Tel: 01865 727928

Waterfields Bookshop
52 High Street
Oxfordshire OX1 4AS
Tel: 01865 721809


Rosemary Pugh Books The one stop shop for all your Theological Book requirements. That is what the advertisement says. Online catalogue of theological books. Mainly mail order,but visits can be arranged.
Rosemary Pugh Books
59b Old Sarum Airfield,
Old Sarum,
Wiltshire. SP4 6DZ Tel: 01722 330132 Fax: 01722 330132 email:


Cenacle New, rare and second-hand Christian and Catholic books. It is an interesting website with lots of goodies. Philosophers may wish to note works of Christian mystics and visionaries. That section on religious experience is always hard to resource.
Cenacle House,
26 Middlewood
Lancashire WN8 6SR Tel: 0845 458 1684 Fax: 0845 458 1684 email:


Barbican Bookshop Very good on second-hand theology and out of print books. The webmaster has used this bookshop for almost thirty years.
The Barbican Bookshop
24 Fossgate,
York, YO1 9TA
Tel: 01904 653643 Fax: 01904 653643 email:


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